Innovative Wine Tasting Event Ideas For You To Try

Wine tasting events are a great way to expand your wine circle. Wine enthusiasts, sommeliers, retailers, wine service professionals, wine writers- everyone benefits from attending these events. They not only help you network with other industry professionals but learn in a fun way too. Besides, it is always great to let your hair down in good company and great wine. But to zero in on great Wine Tasting Event Ideas every single time, now that’s a challenge.

As our fascination with wine continues to grow, people want to attend such events as a way to explore their own interest in the beverage. As a result, everyone from big media companies to Young Presidents’ Organization and book clubs in your neighbourhood are seeking wine-tasting events. The best thing here is that there is an event idea for every group and budget. You can plan the event for your friends at home by yourself or have a wine expert curate an exclusive event for a group at a high-end bar or restaurant.

Wine Tasting Event Ideas That’ll Always Be A Hit

Wine and Indian Food Pairing: Wine is an exotic beverage for us as it is not a part of our culture. Since it comes primarily from European countries, we do not know much about how to pair wine with Indian food and this is something every wine enthusiast wants to know more about. Serving combinations like Champagne with pakora, Riesling with a buttery and spicy crab, Pinot Noir with Paneer Tikka and Cabernet Sauvignon with Galouti kebabs will just blow everyone’s mind.

Wine with book reading: You love wine and you love books. Now combine these two passions and you have a great evening planned ahead of you. You can pick wines based on the region where a story is set, or a book that is smeared with descriptions of decadent food. Another fun way is to pick characters from the book and serve wines that suit their personalities.

Wine tour night: Don’t have the bandwidth to visit your favourite wine region or vineyard? Let it come to you. Organise a tasting flight featuring wines from a region or wine producer. Or you can focus on a specific wine from a vineyard but from different vintages. You can also choose a lesser-known wine region and surprise fellow wine lovers with superior quality wines they might not have heard about.

Wine Trivia Night: We have all rolled our eyes at a know-it-all who wouldn’t stop flaunting their wine knowledge at a wine tasting. But it’s time to turn the tables. Organise a fun quiz about wine that can also feature a blind-tasting round. You can work as groups or have face-off rounds, with the winner moving to the next level. The winner gets to take home the finest bottle of wine on the table.

Learn as you sip: Many wine experts organise wine tasting sessions that help wine enthusiasts learn the basics of wine. These can either be closed-door events for a small group, where you have a sit-down dinner as the wine expert guides you through different styles of wine, or a masterclass for a larger group. Such events are a great learning experience which encourages wine lovers to enjoy wine with confidence.

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