To chill wine or to have it at room temperature- that is not even a question now. Wine originates in cooler European regions; our tropical climate isn’t ideal for consuming it at room temperature. Now, the question: if you forget refrigeration, can you rapidly cool a wine bottle in emergencies?

We’ve faced times when holding lukewarm wine with guests at our doorstep. Or remember that Thursday evening, when you wanted to have a glass of wine mid-week for no reason? There wasn’t simply enough time for you to put your bottle in the refrigerator and wait for it to gradually cool down.

On such occasions, knowing some tips and tricks to speed chill wine can come in handy. However, today let us talk about the one trick that we find to be fail safe, and we’ll tell you why.

How to speed-chill wine at home

Most people do not have custom-made wine refrigerators or blast chillers at home. What we do have is our trusted home refrigerator, which can still freeze a thing or two, despite being always overloaded and an ice bucket, or a large container in which we can submerge our wine bottle.

So, here’s how to speed-chill wine in three easy steps:

  1.  Add some ice to cover the bottom of your ice bucket, then pour water until the bucket is half full. The quantity of water used is the key here. Using too much water can lead to spillage over your counter when you submerge your bottle in the bucket, creating an unnecessary mess for you to clean up. On the contrary, using less water will leave a portion of the bottle out in the open, thus preventing it from cooling homogeneously.
  2.  Tuck the wine bottle into the bucket till the water level rises up to the neck of the bottle. Should concerns arise about damaging the bottle’s label, take care to securely wrap it with cling wrap, while ensuring the remainder of the bottle remains exposed.
  3. Now, include additional ice in the bucket to completely submerge the wine bottle.

Within approximately 7-8 minutes, you will possess a chilled wine bottle that is prepared for serving.

It is important to use water along with ice because the latter will have air pockets in between, which could lead to a variation in temperature. Ice water also makes it easier to slide the bottle in and out of the bucket.

Here’s why this is the best method to speed chill wine:

  1.  You don’t need any special accessories like stainless steel cubes or wine chillers
  2.  Water has better thermal conductivity than air, making it a quicker way to chill wine.
  3. You can move the bucket around, but storing the bottle in the fridge means multiple back-and-forth trips.


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