How many times have you rescheduled a wine party because some of your friends kept cancelling on you? We lead such busy lives that it is nearly impossible to get all members of your group together for an evening without one or the other friend dropping out at the last minute because of deadlines at work, baby duty, commitment to family or just a bad traffic situation. Here are some virtual wine party tips to help you work around this problem. But first things first:

How To Organise A Virtual Wine Party?

All you need to organise a virtual wine party is wines, your laptop or smartphone and a stable internet connection. Invite your friends to join on a video call and you are all set to start. Such a party not only offers you the convenience of drinking wine with your friends from the comfort of your home but also makes it possible to hang out with people who do not live in the same city. It saves the travel cost and the effort to dress up and it requires less energy than you’d need to socialise with people face to face.

Here are some interesting ideas that you can execute:

🎨 Paint and taste: Ask your buddies to dust up their painting kit and keep the palette handy. You can all choose a common theme- like Post-Impressionist artists, cityscape, landscape, or mandala art. Or you can merge your themes with wines. Like a “night in France” where you taste French wines and paint French cityscapes.

🍇Virtual vineyard tours: Cannot afford an impromptu trip to Barossa, Italy or California to visit vineyards? No problem. Search for virtual vineyard tours, snap on your VR gear and taste wonderful wines for a wholesome experience. To mix things up, you can choose a theme like different vintages of the same wine by one producer.

🍷 Wine and takeaway pairing: If you are looking for a relaxed evening without the hassle of cooking, then this idea is perfect for you. Order takeaway to pair perfectly with your wine, like hot, oily and crunchy fried chicken with a glass of crispy and zingy Italian Prosecco or creamy yet healthy Palak Paneer to go with your New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. If you have a bold yet elegant Cabernet Sauvignon from Australia on your list for the night, then pair it with hearty and melt-in-your-mouth Galauti Kebabs to create a wholesome experience.

5 Virtual Wine Party Tips That You’ll Thank Us For

  1. Share the invite, details about the theme and the wine list with your friends in advance.
  2. Invite a wine expert to guide you through the tasting for an elevated experience.
  3. Remind your friends to keep wine glasses, bottle openers etc., handy before the party starts.
  4. Keep the taste and preferences of all the attendees in mind, as well as availability, while choosing themes and wines.
  5. Have fun! Organising a party can be stressful, but always remember that you are doing this to spend time with your friends and relax. So don’t fret if everyone doesn’t arrange the same wine or cannot find their bottle opener.

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