Best Wine Education Courses For Beginners In India

Do you remember the day you had your first sip of wine and were filled with a mix of excitement, curiosity and affinity? If you felt the urge to know more about this beverage that is almost alien to our culture, then you are not alone. Every year, hundreds of people reach out to us, seeking wine education for beginners. But there’s more to the popularity of these courses than curiosity.

Budding hospitality and retail professionals too want to learn the basics of wine due to its ever-growing popularity among consumers. They want to gain an edge that puts them ahead of their peers and helps them improve their table-side service, cellar management, wine list curation etc. But there’s a starting point for every journey and the right kind of start can put you in the path of a successful career and fully optimising your wine experience.

Wine Education for Beginners: The Right Start

For those new to the world of wine, it is extremely important to develop a solid foundation of basic knowledge as it helps you understand the structure, taste and styles of wine, along with how to serve and pair it. You can always build on this knowledge with advanced-level courses and it will open even more doors for you, professionally.

Beginner courses in wine education are great for wine professionals with any level of experience who want to gain confidence in their wine service so that they can understand the requirements of their consumers better and help them with their wine selection and food pairing. After completing these courses, hospitality professionals can also store and serve wine in the correct way, an uptick on any resume.

These courses are also great for people who aspire to be wine writers, critics and influencers, and budding food and travel bloggers. If you are a wine oenophile who wants to learn about wine purely out of interest, then these courses are great for you too!

Here are some courses that we recommend

WSET Level 1 Award in Wine: Wine & Spirit Education Trust Level 1 Award in Wine is an introductory course that covers the main types and styles of wine, common wine grapes and their characteristics, the correct way to store wine and serve it, and basics of pairing food and wine. The course will also introduce you to WSET’s Level 1 Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine® (SAT) and how to use it to describe wine.

WSET Level 2 Award in Wine: People who feel that they have a basic understanding of the subject can also directly go for a WSET Level 2 Award in Wine. From various factors which influence the style and quality of wines made from eight principal grape varieties to key labelling terms and how to taste and describe wine using WSET Level 2 SAT, takes a deeper dive into the subject, apart from reinforcing the basic knowledge.

Certified Wine Pro: This concise online course by Sonal Holland Wine offers participants the flexibility to learn about wine at their own convenience and pace. We kept the challenges faced by Indian wine enthusiasts and professionals in mind while designing this course. As wine is not a beverage indigenous to India, people have little knowledge about how to drink, serve and pair it in a way that doesn’t seem odd.

So, you’ll find answers to basic questions like- what is wine, how to differentiate good quality wine from a bad one, how to serve it with confidence and skill, etc. The course also guides students through India’s fascinating wine industry and its top producers while busting popular wine myths.

The Sonal Holland Wine Academy offers the best wine education for beginners in India. Our educators know what Indian wine enthusiasts and professionals need and bring that experience and understanding to both classroom and online courses. To know more about the courses, click here.

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