People who are new to the world of wine often wonder how they can nurture this newfound interest. For them, the challenge isn’t just about developing a refined palate and expanding their knowledge of the subject, but also finding a cohort that will be a part of this exciting journey, even guiding them on how to best enjoy wine. That’s what wine society events do.

What are wine society events?

Let us put it this way- any social gathering that revolves around wine and wine enjoyment can be called a wine society event. Such events aim to bring oenophiles together to learn and explore wine and integrate wine into culture further by making it a social experience.  Here are some types of wine society events:

Wine tasting: This is perhaps the most common and popular society event associated with wine. Wine tastings are great for budding enthusiasts who want to refine their palate and for seasoned wine drinkers who want to sharpen their tasting skills. A good wine-tasting event is usually led by a wine expert who shapes the evening as a journey that explores new regions, different wine styles, etc., and also helps wine producers cultivate brand loyalty.

Wine dinners: Food cannot be far from wherever wine is, and so it makes perfect sense to explore wines in the company of memorable and delectable food pairing. Wine dinners help you see wine in a different light, giving you a bigger picture of its taste profile and origins. For instance, when you pair French wines with French food, you learn so much about the beverage, the cuisine and the people of France. Wine dinners also help you understand wine etiquette better, and help you improve your own hosting skills.

Wine tours: Visiting a winery or vineyard is yet another wine society event that is highly sought after. The definition of vacations and leisurely activities is now changing for many young Indians, who want a more unique experience from their holiday. Wine tours make for a great weekend getaway that you can enjoy with friends and family. It can also be a great solo trip where you can make new friends on the move.

Benefits of wine society events

Build your social circle: Maybe you are new to wine, or maybe you just moved cities and are looking to rebuild your social circle. Either way, a wine society event is a great starting point as it connects you to like-minded people. A flourishing wine circle can make drinking wine a fun activity. Your wine circle can also be your guide in the new city. Need to find a good place to eat near your home? Cannot find your favourite wine at the nearby liquor store? Looking for partners in crime to purchase and share an uber-premium bottle of wine with? You’ll find answers to all such questions within your wine circle.

 Gain wine knowledge: Any good wine event has education at its core. Be it a tasting of Burgundy wines or an Italian wine and food pairing dinner, you’ll learn something at a wine event and this will, in turn, deepen your understanding of the subject and affection for it. Even the most seasoned wine enthusiasts love to attend events around wine because different people bring diverse and highly interesting perspectives to the table.

Networking: Are you planning to pursue a career in wine? Then wine society events are a great way to make some connections in the industry. From wine producers and retailers to wine experts and importers, numerous people from various facets of the industry are part of such events, so you can make connections, seek work opportunities and give your career a push in the right direction.

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